Foster High School 2015

Foster High School: Stories of Arrival 2015-16

Foster High School 2015

Jack Straw vocal coach Meg McLynn and a Foster High School student in the Jack Straw studio

Project Feast is this year’s special project partner for Our Table of Memories: Food and Poetry of Spirit, Homeland, and Tradition.

In this year’s project, students created poems drawn from their memories of food in the homelands. Jack Straw’s vocal coaches helped students read their poems out loud in the classroom. The students then recorded their poems in the Jack Straw studios where the students received individual vocal coaching, provided each other with feedback, and helped the engineers with the recording process.

Students in our 2015-16 project came from Burma, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, India, Iran, Iraq, Mexico, Nepal, Somalia, Thailand, and Vietnam. The Stories of Arrival project culminated with an anthology, audio CDs, and this web page.

The Stories of Arrival poems were broadcast through the month of April 2016 as part of National Poetry Month on KBCS 91.3 FM. Jack Straw produced a series of radio pieces for broadcast, each featuring two of the students’ poems and music by Jack Straw artist Victor Noriega.

Listen to the first radio piece, featuring Foster poets Abdulrehim Shuba and Arun Biswakarma:


Listen to all of the students’ poems as they appear on the CD:


Merna Ann Hecht

Merna Ann Hecht

Merna Ann Hecht is a nationally known storyteller, social justice educator and published poet and essayist. She has over twenty five years of experience as a teaching artist in diverse…