A grid of collage art by Daniel Bagley 3rd graders

Daniel Bagley Elementary: Family Celebrations 2022

Daniel Bagley student and vocal coach Meg McLynn stand at a music stand with a piece of paper on itIn the spring of 2022 Jack Straw Cultural Center worked with Daniel Bagley Elementary 3rd grade students in Jane Lipsen and Monica Rasmussen’s classes to create Family Celebrations audio stories. During multiple classroom visits, theater artist Gavin Reub guided students through the process of writing individual narratives focused on important traditions and celebrations in their lives.

After completing the writing phase, students worked with Jack Straw vocal coaches on reading their stories out loud and to prepare for the recording process. Students then worked one-on-one with Jack Straw vocal coaches and audio engineers to record their words and to create sound effects. The students also created original art inspired by their stories with art teacher Temple McNeer.

These short audio stories highlight the diverse backgrounds that make up the Daniel Bagley Elementary community, and how its families celebrate their special traditions.

Photo gallery: Gavin and students in the classroom, coaching with Meg McLynn, and recording with Jack Straw engineers.

The Jack Straw artist team included theater artist Gavin Reub, vocal coach Meg McLynn, audio engineers Daniel Guenther and Ayesha Ubayatilaka, designer Levi Fuller, and Executive Director Joan Rabinowitz.

Daniel Bagley Family Celebrations 2022 was produced by Jack Straw Cultural Center and Daniel Bagley Elementary School with the generous support of The Seattle Office of Arts and Culture and The Creative Advantage, Washington State Arts Commission, Agostinho Rodrigues Trust, and individual donors.

See all the students’ artwork below!

Gallery: Student art from Ms. Lipsen’s class.

Gallery: Student art from Ms. Rasmussen’s class.

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