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Jack Straw Writers Program

To celebrate the 20th year of the Jack Straw Writers Program, we collaborated with Raven Chronicles to produce an anthology featuring two writers from each year, from 1997 to 2016. The curator for each year selected the featured writers and wrote an introduction. The book includes photos from all 20 years of the program, as well as reviews of new books by Jack Straw Writers and poetry by Seattle World School Students created through Jack Straw’s work in that school.

On November 18, 2016, Jack Straw presented a reading in celebration of this milestone featuring Jack Straw writers from each year of the program, and hosted by 2002 Jack Straw Writer and Jack Straw board member Kathleen Flenniken. The readers were Joan Fiset, Donna Miscolta, Deborah Woodard, David Halpern, Suzanne Bottelli, Mercedes Lawry, Elizabeth Austen, Kathryn Hunt, John Burgess, Jourdan Keith, Laurie Blauner, Doug Nufer, Wendy Call, Sharon Cumberland, Rachel Dilworth, Bill Carty, Martha Clarkson, Harold Taw, Sharon Hashimoto, Josephine Ensign, Margot Case, and Martha Kreiner.

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