Zack Bent | Lean-out, Lean-to

November 14, 2014 – February 6, 2015

Lean-out, Lean-to was triggered by an encounter with an inventive truck canopy turned shed in a quiet neighborhood in Spokane. The multi-media installation revolves around a sculptural interpretation of that make-shift shed as a monolithic chamber of secrets. Through stop-motion animations of enigmatic and obscured landscapes and recordings of animal mimicry, distress, and song, the Jack Straw New Media Gallery is altered into a stage set for a forgotten story.

Education Projects

Zack Bent: Lean-out, Lean-to

In January 2015 Jack Straw and Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences (AVIA) presented a pair of accessible workshops at Jack Straw in conjunction with Zack Bent’s New Media Gallery…



Portrait of Zack Bent

Zack Bent

Zack Bent is a Seattle artist working in photography, video, sculpture, and installation. For over 15 years, he has created work with his wife, artist Gala Bent and their 3…


Sound Clips

  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview : Zack Bent Zack Bent