Four papier-mache mountains float on a black background

Vaughn Bell | Thinking Caps

June 18 – August 27, 2010

“Sitting still is the best way to let Bell’s nature-minded artifice wash over you.”
-Seattle Times

Domesticated Mountainscape: Mountains are our icons of lofty, sublime, and wild nature. We imagine the experience of so called wilderness to be separate, outside domestication. In this installation Vaughn Bell suggests a mountain landscape made for urban conditions. Four mountains, arranged in an orderly manner, each offer sounds of water, ice, or other elements of a mountainous landscape. Passing through the gallery space and sitting within the interior of a mountain, the grand vista of landscape is brought to human scale, immediate and accessible. At the same time, this fabricated landscape is clearly fragile and ephemeral, made of paper and recorded sounds.

Surrogate Mountain Soundscape: Visitors to Jack Straw are invited to take Mt. Rainier for a walk. A tiny version of the mountain with wheels will be located at the gallery, waiting on leash to be taken out into the city. Walking with the mountain, you can take your view with you. Surrogate Mountain now also comes with its own mountain soundtrack, so that you can be transported to the sonic slopes of the mountain while walking in the city.


Vaughn Bell

Vaughn Bell is an artist who explores the paradoxes and possibilities of how we humans relate to our environment. She has exhibited and installed her sculpture, performance, video and public…


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  • Two papier-mache mountains floating on a black background
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