Vinyl records and album covers on walls, simple record players with silver horns on stools, a large number of drinking bird toys arranged in a circle on a table.

Trimpin | Archival Investigations

An array of old and contemporary technology and musical instruments arranged on a wall.January 6 – February 24, 2006

Archival Investigations, presented at the Jack Straw New Media Gallery as part of a year-long, multi-venue celebration of composer/sound artist/engineer Trimpin’s 25 years in Seattle, offers a fascinating glimpse into the work of this renowned artist during the first few years after his arrival in Seattle at the dawning of the digital revolution.

Surveying these early contraptions and assemblages – playful jumbles of cannibalized analog circuitry, toys, household objects, and motors – Archival Investigations reveals that Trimpin was already thinking digitally, making brilliant (mis)use of the “primitive” materials available to him before personal computers and MIDI technology were commonplace. We also see the humor, ingenuity, and craftsmanship that have become signatures of his more recent large-scale installations, such as those recently exhibited at the Henry Art Gallery (Phffft) and Consolidated Works (Sheng High), as well as permanent works at SeaTac Airport and Experience Music Project.

Trimpin: Archival Investigations is part of a year-long, multi-venue tribute organized by curator Beth Sellars. Presenting partners include The Henry Art Gallery, Consolidated Works, Museum of Glass, Jack Straw Productions, WSU Museum of Art, Suyama Space, Vancouver International Jazz Festival, The Frye Art Museum, Seattle Art Museum, Missoula Museum of Art, and Tacoma Art Museum.


Trimpin's Hear & Now


Trimpin is a German-born composer and sound artist who has lived and worked in Seattle since 1979. His sound sculptures, installations and set designs have been developed in collaboration…