Silicone Love - Her

Chun Shao | Silicone Love – Her Garden

Chun Shao - Silicone Love: Her Garden installation viewSeptember 7 – October 19, 2018

Visitors experience a sculptural fiction about an Internet-generated ghost, a metaphoric figure narrated through a series of video mapped kinetic sculptures. The work aims to search and research the poetics between sensuality and the pleasure of watching, which are inhabited and cultivated though the infrastructure of the Internet. This story-telling installation explores the feelings between familiar and uncanny, repulsive and desirable, historical and imaginary.


Chun Shao

Chun Shao

Chun Shao is an artist whose research interests encompass the field of live performance, multimedia installation, e-textiles, physical computing, data-driven art, and speculative design. Her work aims to…


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  • Chun Shao - Her Garden installation view
    Chun Shao New Media Gallery Interview Chun Shao