Randy Moss | dislocator

Overlapping circles of various sizes and various shades of white and grey on a black background. Two smaller overlapping red-tinted circles inside one of the larger white ones.March 1-May 28, 2004

dislocator is an interactive video and sound installation that explores the notion that all moments in a person’s life exist actively in the present.

dislocator serves as a bridge, connecting visitors with the moment of their own conception.

The installation operates like an ultrasound system used for prenatal imaging. It uses high frequency sound waves to measure a visitor’s position and then produces an image interpreting these measurements. This image functions as a lens through which the visitor views her presence in a shifting landscape evocative of a forming human embryo.


Randy Moss

Randy Moss

Randy Moss is a software product designer and artist working in the area of interactive digital art. His work investigates what it is to be human through an exploration of…