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Rachel Lodge | Transfigurations: Carbon Flow

Rachel Lodge TransfigurationsJanuary 22-April 23, 2021

Virtual Opening (archived video)
Artist Talk (archived video)

Carbon, the sixth element in the periodic table and the fourth most abundant substance in the universe, is not only at the heart of climate change. As the basic building block of life on earth, carbon manifests in all the wonders of our world. It is constantly cycling through the air, land, and oceans; through all of the plants and animals around us; even through our own bodies. This visual and sonic installation explores the transmutation of carbon through natural, human, and industrial forms. Hand-drawn animation and sounds bring the largely invisible carbon flowing through us and around us into imagination, from the molecular to the landscape level, evoking both the beauty and the grief of our changing planet.


Rachel Lodge

Rachel Lodge

Rachel Lodge is a visual and multi-media artist.  In her current work she uses hand-drawn digital images, animation, sound, and objects to open a perceptual window into the…