Three people looking out at the ocean from behind, leaning on each other.

Moonyeka and House of Kilig | flourish like an ocean’s grief.

Three people looking out at the ocean from behind, leaning on each other.May 31 – July 26, 2024

Opening reception: Friday, May 31, 7pm
In person at Jack Straw

Artist Talk: Friday, July 26, 7pm
In person and streaming on YouTube and Facebook Live

Youth and Family Workshop: TBD
E-mail for information or to sign up.

flourish like an ocean’s grief. is an interdisciplinary installation that weaves deconstructed elements of Moonyeka and House of Kilig’s audio-visual-performance research, Harana for The Aswang.

Harana is a Filipinx-Southern Americas serenade song form rooted in courtship and grief rituals. This excerpt challenges and re-myths the Siren archetype through a prism of queer and trans perspective; creating a polyphonic experience of voice,  poetic-intimacy, wrath and states of kilig.

We invite attendees to linger with the Siren through this interplay of projection, CCTV imagery,  audio experiments, sound scores,  shimmering mylar, and sea shells.

*Aswang is an umbrella term for various shapeshifting, mythological, animist, folkloric, “evil” spirits and creatures in Filipino folklore.

Directed by Moonyeka

Videography – Amori
Editor – V Babida
Editor & CCTV Installation – Arabella Bautista
Sculptural Art & Costume Design – Heidi Grace Acuña

Vocals & Sound:

Athena Herington
Freddie Lee Toyoda
Izumi Nance
kai alviar horton

Mix & Mastering: Karinyo

Instagram @houseofkilig


Moonyeka, seated on a brick surface.


nawa a.h., widely known as Moonyeka (they/he/she) is a chimeric creator who takes shape in and beyond containers of interdisciplinary performing art, writing, and brujxeria.

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