Three people looking out at the ocean from behind, leaning on each other.

Moonyeka and House of Kilig | flourish like an ocean’s grief.

Three people looking out at the ocean from behind, leaning on each other.May 31 – July 26, 2024

Opening reception: Friday, May 31, 7pm
In person at Jack Straw

Artist Talk: Friday, July 26, 7pm
In person and streaming on YouTube and Facebook Live

flourish like an ocean’s grief. is an interdisciplinary installation that weaves deconstructed elements of Moonyeka and House of Kilig’s audio-visual-performance research, Harana for The Aswang.

Harana is a Filipinx-Southern Americas serenade song form rooted in courtship and grief rituals. This excerpt challenges and re-myths the Siren archetype through a prism of queer and trans perspective; creating a polyphonic experience of voice,  poetic-intimacy, wrath and states of kilig.

We invite attendees to linger with the Siren through this interplay of projection, CCTV imagery,  audio experiments, sound scores,  shimmering mylar, and sea shells.

*Aswang is an umbrella term for various shapeshifting, mythological, animist, folkloric, “evil” spirits and creatures in Filipino folklore.

Directed by Moonyeka

Videography – Amori
Editor – V Babida
Editor & CCTV Installation – Arabella Bautista
Sculptural Art & Costume Design – Heidi Grace Acuña

Vocals & Sound:

Athena Herington
Freddie Lee Toyoda
Izumi Nance
kai alviar horton


Olivia Stevens (dancer)
Gaby Colon (dancer)
Sam Choi  (cast)

Mix & Mastering: Karinyo

Instagram @houseofkilig


Moonyeka, seated on a brick surface.


nawa a.h., widely known as Moonyeka (they/he/she) is a chimeric creator who takes shape in and beyond containers of interdisciplinary performing art, writing, and brujxeria.

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