Leaf shapes made of wire and beads.

Kristin Tollefson | Organic Plan

A plant-like sculpture made of wire on a white background.April 8-June 24, 2005

Organic Plan is a study in cycles, illustrated through sculpture, sound, and images. Stylized native plant forms from Iceland constructed in three dimensions create a ring of growth and life, underscored by words and sounds of Icelandic standards woven into an auditory circle. This installation blurs the distinction between native plants, music, words and traditional Icelandic metal thread embroidery to explore life cycles, movement, creative labor, and moving through a place. Blending use of recognizable materials and visible fabrication techniques with manipulated sound and images, the artist attempts to convey these ideas in a manner that is simultaneously scientific and poetic.


Portrait of Kristin Tollefson

Kristin L. Tollefson

Kristin Tollefson has an MFA in Metalsmithing from Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan and a BA in Anthropology/Sociology and Art History from Carleton College in Minnesota. She draws…