A device surrounded by darkness emits a bright light.

Joe Colley | Lonely Microphone

A microphone rests on the floor, with a circle of reflected light around it.November 9-December 29, 2006

Joe Colley’s Lonely Microphone is a room installation centered around the pathetic sight and sound of a suspended rotating microphone as it traces an endless circle on the floor. Vibration from audience footsteps trigger momentary flickers of light that illuminate the scene and in turn change tones in the room.

“Using the microphone to trace an endless circle is a way to focus attention and to listen,” says Colley,” a metaphor for these cycles of life we take for granted. By focusing attention on this circle in this room – hopefully it will act as a kind of mantra. Microphone as solitary individual.”


Joe Colley, illuminated with red, controlling a sound mixing board.

Joe Colley

Joe Colley is a self taught artist investigating the conceptual possibilities of sound through music production, installations, or collaborations with video artists, dancers, and even prisoners. His earlier works were…