Photo of Pando, a quaking aspen grove.

Jeff Rice | Pando Suite

Photo of Pando, a quaking aspen grove.January 19-March 8, 2024

Opening Reception: Friday, January 19, 7pm
In person at Jack Straw Cultural Center

Artist Talk: Friday, February 9, 7pm
In person and streaming on YouTube and Facebook Live

Youth and Family Workshop: Saturday, March 9, 2pm
E-mail for information or to sign up.

Visits by appointment, M-F, 10am-5:30pm
Call 206-634-0919 or email to schedule a visit

Pando Suite is a series of audio works exploring the hidden and interconnected sounds of the Pando aspen grove in south-central Utah. Known as the “trembling giant,” Pando is one of the world’s largest organisms, consisting of a sprawling forest of genetically identical trees, or “stems.” Sounds from the tree — from the trembling of its leaves to the low drone of its roots — are presented in mixed media at the Jack Straw New Media Gallery.

Some of the sounds in Pando Suite were recorded with support from the non-profit group Friends of Pando and through a commission from The New York Times Magazine. Woodworking and speaker fabrication for the exhibit are by Bob Huskey of Saturn Design.


Portrait of Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice

Jeff Rice is a Seattle-based journalist and sound artist with a long-standing interest in natural soundscapes. He has produced multimedia for museums, television, film, theater and the Web…