James Borchers | Obiectum Resonare

Obiectum Resonare - performanceApril 8 – June 17, 2016

Harmonic resonance is a phenomenon that occurs throughout our universe, from massive stars and clouds of space dust to the tiniest particles. Music is, in one sense, reconciliation between this naturally occurring phenomenon and the intentionality of human organization. By using a series of sensors, speakers, and software, the piece invites viewers to transform the musical discourse by subtly altering the electronic sound and acoustic resonance of objects in the room. These transformations are recorded and recycled throughout the exhibition, gradually incorporated into the piece over time.

This exhibition included a live performance using the elements of the gallery with Borchers, percussionists Dale Speicher and Daniel Webbon, and cellist Peter Williams.

Education Projects

Jack Straw New Media Gallery workshop with James Borchers. Photo by Sherwin Eng.

James Borchers: Obiectum Resonare

In the spring of 2016 Jack Straw and Arts and Visually Impaired Audiences (AVIA) presented a pair of accessible workshops at Jack Straw in conjunction with percussionist/composer James Borchers…



James Borchers

James Borchers is an American composer, musician, and sound artist. His recent works focus on the threshold between sound as a naturally occurring phenomenon and sound as a vessel for…


Sound Clips

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