Four LP turntables arranged in a square on a black-carpeted floor, each with a record on it.

Gust Burns & Melanie Noel | Felt

June 21 – August 21, 2009

Felt is an investigation into how matter, form and surface hold, reveal, and alter what they contain. Four 12″ dubplate records on four separate turntables, each with its own sound system, may be played by visitors to the gallery – one at a time, all at once, or in any combination. Two are piano recordings by improviser Gust Burns and two are poems by Melanie Noel. The dubplates will disintegrate slowly over the course of the installation. As the surface material breaks down so does the sonic material, altering what is heard when what is heard is already uncertain depending on which records are played in what combinations.


Gust Burns

Gust Burns composes performances of music. Drawing on his experience as a pianist, contemporary art practices, and 20th century composition, Burns’ works blur differentiations between performance, score, recording, and text…

Melanie Noel playing piano, two microphones above her and to the left.

Melanie Noel

Melanie Noel is the author of The Monarchs, published by Stockport Flats in 2013. Her poems have appeared in Weekday, LVNG, La Norda Especialo, and THE ARCADIA PROJECT. She’s…


Sound Clips

  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview: Gust Burns and Melanie Noel