Hazy image of mountains and clouds.

David Kwan | Terminus

February 9-April 20, 2007

Inspired by end-of-land vistas in the greater Puget Sound, David Kwan’s TERMINUS is an evolving tableau of the vast light, water and landforms in the area. He collects images and sounds at terminal points for various roadways, shipping and rail lines from the length of South Seattle to Orcas Island, and superimposes them in looped segments of disproportionate lengths to produce a continuously transforming environment. As component elements progressively enter and leave, the composite landscape and soundscape grow with determined complexity and organicism. The terminus of one passage heralds the beginning of another as all points become indeterminate.


Four different images of water, sky, and mountains on a black background.

David Kwan

David Kwan is a sound and visual artist who creates works for a wide variety of settings including concerts, video, and installation. Whether working with sound or images, he creates…