Cheryll Leo-Gwin | Larger than Life

October 2, 2023-January 5, 2024
Jack Straw Atrium Gallery

Visits by appointment, M-F, 10am-5:30pm
Call 206-634-0919 or email to schedule a visit

UW Magazine: Cheryll Leo-Gwin explores identity and history in her journey from jewelry designer to public artist

International Examiner: Cheryll Leo-Gwin’s ‘Larger Than Life’ exhibit at Jack Straw is more like poetry than prose, not sequential or narrative

Larger than Life, by northwest artist Cheryll Leo-Gwin, presents a series of oversized prints based on oral histories the artist recorded from Chinese women who survived turbulent times in the US and China. They used their art to fight for freedom. Leo-Gwin uses these oral histories as a point of departure for her oversized prints, sculpture, animation, and recordings.

Accompanying the exhibition is the release of Buried Alive, a pilot podcast produced by StoryBoards Northwest and Jack Straw Cultural Center. Buried Alive follows the journey of the Misty Poets of China, who at great peril held underground salons for artists and writers during China’s Cultural Revolution. Like the title of the exhibition, these oral histories loom Larger than Life as presented and re-enacted in this exhibition. The identities of the Misty Poets have been changed to protect those who currently reside inside China.

This exhibit is made possible with the support of Jack Straw Cultural Center, 4Culture, Arts WA, StoryBoards Northwest, and the Stroum Jewish Community Center.

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Photo of Cheryll Leo-Gwin

Cheryll Leo-Gwin

A 4th generation Chinese American artist, Cheryll Leo-Gwin was born in Canada during the US Chinese Exclusion Act (1882-1943) and Canada’s Chinese Exclusion Act (1923-1947) when…