Bret Battey | Uroborous – Light and Sound

October 6-December 29, 2000

“Uroborous” is the ancient symbol of the serpent eating its own tail, an apt metaphor for this contemplative, continually transforming light and sound installation of video and audio feedback systems. The center point of the installation is Battey’s electromechanical video filter, which places computer-controlled moving screens in a video feedback loop, providing subtle moiré-pattern interference and surprising shifts of color and texture. A computer analyzes the resulting video image and responds by controlling a custom audio synthesis process developed by Battey called Compressed Feedback Synthesis. Rendered in surround-sound, the audio shifts unexpectedly from quiet whispers to shimmering curtains of sound. Grab a pillow and a spot on the floor to enjoy the continual unfolding of the Uroborous.

Read more about this project at Bret Battey’s website.


Photo of Bret Battey, with ocean and sky behind him.

Bret Battey

Bret Battey (b. 1967) creates electronic, acoustic, and multimedia concert works and installations, synthesizing diverse experience in music composition, computer programming and graphic design. A major focus in his work…