2020 Jack Straw Writers x Bushwick Book Club

September 14, 2020

We’re delighted to announce a new, online version of our ongoing collaboration with our friends at The Bushwick Book Club Seattle! Throughout the year, a Jack Straw writer will be paired with a Bushwick musician (many of whom are also Jack Straw artists), who will write an original song inspired by the written work. Pairings will be announced on the Bushwick and Jack Straw websites and videos released on social media by Jack Straw and Bushwick.

The series starts this Wednesday, September 16th, with Jack Straw Artist Nic Masangkay’s new song inspired by Jack Straw Writer Maisha Banks Manson. We can’t wait!

The first three pairings (links to pieces will be added as they happen):
Sep 16: Maisha Banks Manson x Nic Masangkay
Sep 30: Elaina Ellis x Tai Shan
Oct 7: Wryly T. McCutchen x Diana Asenath

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