Black and white photo of five people hanging over a rope, with their backs and rear ends exposed and hair hanging down. The words UMO Ensemble below.

UMO Ensemble

UMO Ensemble’s creative process is rooted in physical theatre: improvisations in movement, character, vocalization, and writing are the basis for the creation and development of new works.

In its over 30 year history, UMO Ensemble has become known as one of the most innovative, compelling and critically acclaimed performance companies based in the Pacific Northwest. The Ensemble has performed in LORT theaters, at festivals and in schools throughout the Northwest, the United States, Canada, and Europe, and is considered one of the first ensembles to use the phrase “physical theatre.” UMO has created over 30 original shows, expanded to include a rich family of multidisciplinary associate artists, and seeks to inspire the next generation of artists through The UMO School of Physical Arts.

UMO Ensemble and UMO School joined Open Space for Arts and Community in 2023. The merger recognizes the mutual goals and commitments of both organizations, their shared constituents, and seeks to enrich and inspire our community with art and learning.

Artist Support Program 1994