Sumu (Su) Tasib is a genderqueer author and scientist living in Seattle, Washington. They have been writing for four decades and publishing scientific articles for three. Su sees writing as a path to social as well as scientific change; their stories are meant to expand perspectives while they entertain. Their debut book, A Boy Named Su, is a memoirist collection of non-fiction stories and essays about their journey into genderqueerness. They are currently working on a collection of short fiction on themes of gender, relationships, psychology, and social justice. Su’s book is available online as well as at independent bookstores; their stories and poetry have appeared in the Seattle Erotic Arts Festival in 2022 and 2023. Su also hosts the Queer Kahani podcast, a series of queer stories, interviews, and discussions.

2023 Writers Program

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  • Golden Threads - Sumu Tasib