Srivani Jade

Srivani Jade was introduced to music at the age of four by her father Bhavani Prasad Jade and uncle Raghavendra Tilwalli. She studied Khayal initially with Dr. Sharad Gadre in the Gwalior style (2002-03), and since 2006, with Pandit Parameshwar Hegde in the Kirana style. Srivani also sings an eclectic repertoire of light classical music, such as,Thumri-dadra, Tappa and Bhajans. She performs regularly both in India and North America, and has sung in major music festivals such as the Sawai Gandharv Bhimsen Mahotsav (2014) and Devanandan Ubhayaker Yuva Sangeet Utsav (2009). She has five solo albums to her credit, and several grants, artist residencies and awards–including the Washington State Arts Commission Fellowship Award (2009). She has lent her voice and music to independent films such as Tapasya (2003), Siddhanto (2014) and stage productions such as Indian Ink (Sound Theater Company). She is an auditioned artist with All India Radio, and Visiting Artist at the University of Washington’s School of Music.

Artist Support Program 2018: Peace Mantra, a musical composition for female voices composed of incantations of peace from all around the world.

Artist Support Program 2016: Record music combining Indian raga vocals with Greek clarinet, Latin piano, Senegalese drums, tabla, and other instruments.

Artist Support Program 2008: Meera’s Love, an album of original songs featuring a range of styles and instrumentation representing different regions of India.


Sound Clips
  • Srivani Jade and Thione Diop recording in the studio at Jack Straw Cultural Center
    Srivani Jade with Thione Diop - The Parrot Song
  • Srivani Jade - Ballds of the Sand
    Srivani Jade - Kesariya
  • Srivani Jade - Bahar
  • Srivani Jade at JS 50
  • Srivani Jade - Badlaa Re