Portrait of Sheila Fox

Sheila Fox

Sheila Fox, a vocalist and clarinetist, has performed professionally for over 20 years. Her repertoire covers klezmer, Yiddish folk and theater songs, Ladino, Jazz, Swing and Latin. She is the lead singer of the Kosher Red Hots, has toured in Russia, New York, California, and the Northwest, and has recorded 2 CDs. Sheila has studied Yiddish and klezmer music for over 12 years. In the summer of 2000, she received full scholarship and attended the Yiddish program at Columbia University. She continued learning Yiddish while residing in the Bronx. She has worked with NW Folklife in the Schools and creates presentations for preschools through college. Her work in the elderly community includes performances at nursing and retirement homes and visits with native Yiddish and Ladino speakers. She is a licensed massage therapist and therapeutic singer. She works with people with Alzheimer’s, dementia and degenerative diseases combining music and massage.

Artist Support Program 2005 (with the Kosher Red Hots): Produce a CD of ballads, lullabies, folk tunes and spoken word in Yiddish, Ladino, and English.

Sound Clips
  • Kosher Red Hots Our Songs album cover, featuring a painting of houses and boats.
    Kosher Red Hots - Morenika