Photo of S. Lyn Goeringer

S. Lyn Goeringer

S. Lyn Goeringer is a mixed-media composer/performer/sound artist who currently resides in Providence, Rhode Island. She writes music and creates sound art using whatever tools are available, from found objects to string quartets. She creates and builds her own electronic instruments and plays theremin, computer, piano, found objects and sculptures. She also makes interactive sound and video installations using various spatially oriented triggering devices and surveillance equipment.

Lyn Goeringer has played at Deep Listening Space in Kingston, NY; Lincoln Center Out-Of-Doors Home Made Instrument Day Festival in NY, NY; Berwick Institute, Boston, MA; Fort Thunder, Providence, Rhode Island, as well as many other locations throughout the United States. She has also presented her work at CCMIX in Paris, France.

New Media Gallery 2005-06: Huldre


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