Phoebe Tsang

Phoebe Tsang is a British-Canadian poet, librettist, short story writer and violinist. Her multidisciplinary performance practice integrates composed and improvised music with original poetry. Tsang employs the ancient, divinatory system of the Marseille Tarot to structure her performances, much as John Cage employed the I Ching. The resulting work is a product of chance – each performance differs in form and content, depending on the cards drawn. Phoebe’s poetry and fiction has been published internationally in numerous journals and anthologies. Praised for the “lyrical work and exquisite phrase-making” of her poetry (Sudeep Sen, Atlas 02), her violin performances reflect her “total commitment to bringing the music fully to life” (Allan Pulker, The Wholenote). A former member of the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra, she lives in Toronto, Canada, where she serves as guest concertmaster and soloist with several regional orchestras.

Artist Support Program 2016: Record Paganini’s Shadow, a solo interdisciplinary performance piece exploring the inner life of violinist/composer Niccolo Paganini.

Sound Clips
  • Phoebe Tsang - Button Music album cover
    Phoebe Tsang - Unbutton No. 6
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