Photo of Perri Lynch Howard in a blue shirt, leaning on a weathered white wall.

Perri Lynch Howard

Perri Lynch Howard is an artist dedicated to forging new narratives from the front lines of climate change. Working in the context of extreme environments is an essential aspect of her creative practice, expressed through painting, drawing, sculpture and sound. Originally from Marblehead, Massachusetts, Perri received her BA from The Evergreen State College, BFA from the University of Washington, and MFA from Cranbrook Academy of Art. Honors include an Artist Trust Fellowship, McMillen Fellowship, Seattle City Artist Grant, and multiple 4Culture Special Project Grants. Perri’s art has a global reach through projects completed in Italy, Portugal, Brazil, Canada, and in South India as a Fulbright Scholar.

Artist Support Program 2023: Svalbard Speaks

New Media Gallery 2021-22 (invitational): On Our Watch

New  Media Gallery 2011-12: CARTASONIC (with Lara Swimmer and Robert Zimmer )


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Image of an abandoned fort with the words 1909 KINZIE at the top, shrouded in fog, grass in the foreground

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Sound Clips
  • Jack Straw New Media Gallery Interview : Perri Lynch, Lara Swimmer, and Robert Zimmer
Education Projects
Perri Lynch Howard and a student wear headphones; Perri holds a container on a table while the student pours something into it from another container.

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