O is a Ukrainian, U.S.-based, multimedia avant-gardist. Her dynamic oeuvre fuses cross-disciplinary arts, emergent technologies, education, and civic engagement. Through relational aesthetics, she investigates individual and systemic roots and ramifications of Anthropocene. Her “Think Global, Act Local” practice galvanizes global citizenship by interconnecting and advancing the well-being of autonomous self, collective ethos, and our Pale Blue Dot.

The artist grew up behind the Iron Curtain, weathering the Chernobyl cataclysm, ethnic oppression, death throes of Cold War, and collapse of USSR. In addition to an 8-year track at a music conservatory, O’s academic background includes Law, Societies & Justice, Interdisciplinary Arts, and Art History.

O founded and directs TYPONEXUS, known for elaborate, immersive, durational, site-specific productions at monumental loci. Drawing audiences to unorthodox venues like industrial facilities, landmark mansions, century-old sanctuaries, and defunct warehouses, she incorporates eclectic themes ranging from climate change to space exploration.

Nuclear Recitals – visceral, en-plein-air odes to the beauty of human creativity and the natural world in juxtaposition to ruinous overreaches of industrialization – is the most notable of these. Set at a nuclear site, the inaugural installment featured world’s fast pianist and pioneer of Continuous Piano Music from Ukraine. Vol. I is presently in post-production for global release. Nuclear Recitals II: Apprehension Engine unfolds September 2019.

Artist Support Program 2019: Nuclear Recitals, Vol. I: Lubomyr Melnyk: Edit, master, and arrange audiovisual recordings of original, site-specific, en-plein-air performance by world’s fastest pianist at nuclear site for global release of multimedia environmental art compilation.

Sound Clips
  • Nuclear Recitals Vol. 1. Photo by Christian French
    Nuclear Recitals Vol. 1