Neil Welch

Saxophonist Neil Welch is recognized as a major voice of the Seattle free jazz and experimental music fields. He is a co-founder and former performance curator for the acclaimed Seattle music series the Racer Sessions (2010-present), and is an organizer for the avant event organization Table and Chairs Music (2011-present). Neil tours extensively, performing in venues ranging from divey house shows to universities and performance halls. His longstanding duo project Bad Luck, co-run for over a decade with drummer Chris Icasiano, has taken him to nearly every major city in America.

Neil has documented acoustic solo saxophone music at a fervent pace, represented in nearly 600 publicly released recordings in the last three years alone. Through his projects 12 Moons and Continuous Resonance, Neil works tirelessly to document solo improvisations in a variety of spaces. Sites have included a WWII fallout shelter, garbage dumps, an alpine lake 30 miles into the North Cascade mountains, parking garages, desert landscapes and much more.

Neil has released 6 albums under his own name, including: Narmada (2008), Boxwork (2011), Iron Creek (2011), Sleeper (2011), 12 Tiny Explosions (2013), and the Response Album (2014).

Artist Support Program 2017: Produce a recording of Concepcion Picciotto, a musical work for saxophone quartet, string quartet, musician “birds,” and orator.

Sound Clips
  • Several musicians in a studio, facing away from the camera. At the back of the room, a saxophonist, conductor, and singer face the camera.
    Neil Welch - Concepción Picciotto