Mykol Colton

Mykol Colton graduated from Cornish College of the Arts in 2000, where he studied Composition. In 1998, the work Groncious was selected for a reading by the Pacific Rims Percussion Quartet. The reading was sponsored by the Washington Composers Forum, Jack Straw Productions, and the King County Arts Commission. His piece, Collage ADSR, was selected for a reading by the Seattle Creative Orchestra in 2001. The piece was then performed by the Seattle Creative Orchestra during the Summer Arts Festival at the University of Washington. Collage ADSR was also performed in San Francisco in September of that year. Currently a member of the music faculty at Cornish College, Colton was selected for inclusion in the 2002 Jack Straw Artist Support Program. His works have also been performed by Philip Gelb (on shakuhachi), the Northwest Chamber Orchestra String Quartet, and the Saint Helen’s String Quartet.

Artist Support Program 2002: Recordings of new compositions for string quartet