Monique Buzzarté playing trombone.

Monique Buzzarté

Trombonist and composer Monique Buzzarté is an avid proponent of contemporary music, commissioning and premiering many new works. Her recordings include Zanana’s Holding Patterns (Deep Listening 30), John Cage’s Five3 with the Arditti Quartet (Mode 75: John CAGE: Vol. 19 – The Number Pieces 2), and Dreaming Wide Awake with the New Circle Five (Deep Listening 20). Since 1983 her New Music from Women: Trombone project has supported the expansion of the trombone repertoire. Her advocacy work for women in music included coordinating efforts which led to the admission of women members into the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra in 1997. Buzzarté is certified to teach the meditative improvisation practices of Deep Listening.

Artist Support Program 2006: Album of compositions for trombone, conch shell, didjeridu, and live electronic processing