Portrait of Marco Adiak Voli

Marco Adiak Voli

Marco Adiak Voli is an actor, creator and collaborator originally from Nicaragua, now based in Brooklyn, NY. He has studied at Cornish College of the Arts (BFA in Original Works) and The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts (MFA in Professional Acting). During his time in Seattle he has worked with Seattle Shakespeare Company, Seattle Public Theatre, Strawberry Theatre Workshop, Book It-Repertory Theatre, eSe Teatro, Seattle Rep’s New Works Program and ACTlab along with regional work in theatre, film, and video games both nationally and internationally. He has a passion for the outdoors, writing, music, poetry, film and attempting to make extravagant meals.

Education Projects
Cover illustration for the Denny 2021 Anthology: The words El Año Cuando Cambió Todo, with 3 drawings of people wearing face masks over half their faces

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Cover illustration for the Mercer 2021 Anthology: A drawing of two people holding hands with pages around them. Above: Mercer International Middle School; below: Los Poemas de nuestros corazones! Jack Straw Cultural Center

Los Poemas de Nuestros Corazones: Poesía de Mercer 2021 READ MORE >

Voces Locas: Poesía de Mercer 2022 READ MORE >

Illustration showing a globe inside a heart floating above an open hand, with flags behind and outlines of people above.

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Todo es posible: Poesía de Chinook READ MORE >

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