Larry Crist

Larry Crist

Larry Crist is a performing poet with two books, Undertow Overtures and Alibi for the Scapegoat. He lived in Seattle 25 years before moving back to his hometown, Trinidad in Humboldt County where he writes, does theater and looks after his 91 year old mother. He has also lived in Chicago, Houston, London, and Philadelphia, where he received his MFA in theatre. He’s been widely published. Among some of his favorites are Pearl, Slipstream, Alimentum, Dos Passos Review, Floating Bridge Press, Evening Street Review, and Clover. He’s been nominated for 3 Pushcarts.

2024 Jack Straw Alumni Poetry Series:

Alibi for the Scapegoat is a collection of mostly republished work: 14 short stories, 57 poems, and one long poem, 16 pages: TV: the Lost Years, which Larry performed in 2023 @ The Exit Theatre in Arcata, Ca.

2013 Writers Program

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