L. J. Morin

L. J. Morin (Lisa Carcia) has been making her way northward along the West Coast since she was born, migrating from San Diego to San Francisco to Seattle (with detours to Texas, Minnesota, and Japan along the way). Her recent credits include an honorable mention for the 2015 James Hearst Poetry Prize (North American Review), publication on a bus shelter and online as part of the 2014-2015 King County Metro Poetry on Buses program, and poems in Floating Bridge Review and Connecticut Review. She will enter the Rainier Writing Workshop MFA program at Pacific Lutheran University in the summer of 2015. When she’s not writing poetry, she writes software requirements documentation, which is a surprisingly congenial day job for a poet. “Venezuela, 1800” was inspired by a 2005 broadcast of NPR’s Talk of the Nation Science Friday program, featuring a discussion with sculptor Rachel Berwick about her installation may-por-é.

2015 Writers Program

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