Paired photos of Kelsen Caldwell and Ross Kirshenbaum, each sitting in the driver's seat of a bus. King County Metro buses are collaged vertically in the middle.

Kelsen Caldwell & Ross Kirshenbaum

The Shakeup is a new podcast about bus driving in Seattle/King County, hosted, edited, and produced by two Metro Drivers, Kelsen Caldwell and Ross Kirshenbaum. As bus drivers traversing our city in the midst of a global pandemic and late stage capitalism, our podcast will share stories from fellow operators, bus passengers, mechanics, and bus lovers to illuminate everything from failures of the state to the ways small acts of kindness remind us of our shared humanity.

By weaving together stories and sounds from the bus, we hope to find solidarities between drivers and vulnerable passengers, to remember the beauty amidst the hardship, and to find better, more humanizing ways to navigate the systems and inequalities that make using and driving the bus such a wild ride.

Artist Support Program 2023: The Shakeup: The Bus (Podcast)