Black and white photo of Janet Wallace wearing headphones and eating in a recording studio, and Joseph Zajonc in a studio control room.

Joseph Zajonc and Janet Wallace

For the 1996 Jack Straw Artist Support Program, musician Joseph Zajonc and poet/storyteller Janet Wallace collaborated on the project Noseman: A Twin Absorbed, a narrative about a man with a cauliflower nose, which is actually his undeveloped twin from the womb. “The initial situation is that his twin is directly between him and the world, because physically it is placed there,” says Zajonc. “He has to figure out how to separate from his twin and come to terms with being able to connect with other people without this in between them.”

Artist Support Program 1996: Noseman: A Twin Absorbed


Sound Clips
  • Janet Wallace and Joseph Zajonc - Noseman Consults Dr. Plotz