Black and white photo of John Olson.

John Olson

John Olson is the author of Free Stream Velocity (2003), a collection of prose poems, and Echo Regime (2000) a collection of poetry, both from Black Square Editions; Eggs & Mirrors (1999), a chapbook of vignettes & prose poems published by local printer Paul Hunter at Woodworks Press; and Logo Lagoon (1999), a collection of prose poems, from Paper Brain Press in San Diego. His essays, articles, literary criticism, poetry and short stories have appeared in numerous journals, including New American Writing, Talisman, Sulfur, First Intensity, American Letters & Commentary, the American Book Review, Denver Quarterly, 3rd Bed, 5 Trope, Bird Dog, Monkey Puzzle, Raven Chronicles, the Seattle Weekly, and The Stranger. “Dylan Goes Magenta,” an essay on Bob Dylan’s Tarantula, appears online at Titanic Operas. His essay “Inebriate Of Air” appears in the anthology Writing On Air, from M.I.T. Press.

2004 Writers Program