Jason E Anderson leaning over a variety of sound and electronic equipment.

Jason E Anderson

Jason E Anderson is a sound and visual artist from Seattle. His work includes live performances, recorded sound works, sound installations, graphic art, collage and video works. Anderson’s recorded work and live performances combine a sense of logical and intuitive approaches to music improvisation and experimentation. Through the use of electronically generated, processed and natural sound, his work fits into the more abstract realm of electronic music. He performs with guitar, sampler, computer and/or turntable. Anderson has released several recordings, including B**F’s (BNSF) release Object 6 on Locust Music. In 2005, he founded the label make jet silent. He is currently working on his first solo record, creating a multi-disciplinary art project/personal mythology known as path of the elk, and co-presenting the 12 Hour Play with fellow improviser and dance collaborator, Beth Graczyk.

Artist Support Program 2006: Record music and sound effects to press onto vinyl dub plates for use in live turntable improvisations.