Helen Lessick is an artist explorer. Her broad palette spans sculpture, installation, artists’ books and conceptual and performance art. She has been honored with solo museum and gallery shows across the United States and with national and international artists’ residences, fellowships and projects.

Committed to art in the public realm, Helen works outside the studio. For her solo show at the Tacoma Art Museum Helen explored significant hats and built a giant, jaunty crown for the facility.

She has realized artworks in a Los Angeles wastewater plant, a herd of cows tended by a French agricultural institute, a belltower in Belfast, North Ireland, a Nairobi vegetable stand, a Portland arboretum and a Seattle baseball stadium. Exploring context and content in each place, she creates site-specific inquires of local conditions.

Committed to art for diverse audiences, Helen consults on civic art policy, artists’ programs and projects across the country. Helen participated in the founding and operation of non-profit artists’ spaces and municipal public art programs and projects. She writes about art exhibits and public art practice and policies, and is an experienced speaker in public art conferences.

Helen Lessick was born and raised in the outskirts of Philadelphia. She earned her BA in Art from Reed College in Portland and her MFA in Studio Art from the University of California Irvine. Her practice is based in Los Angeles.

Artist Support Program 1994

Sound Clips
  • A fishbowl on a table, covered with sheer black fabric.
    Helen Lessick - Dreams, Deception and Skepticism