Portrait of Gabriela Denise Frank

Gabriela Denise Frank

Gabriela Denise Frank is a transdisciplinary literary artist, editor, educator, and creative consultant whose work expands from the page into the sonic, the visual, and the experiential. In experimenting with formal expression, she seeks to expand the idea of what literary art can be and where people can encounter it. By placing literary art in the path of everyday life Gabriela celebrates storytelling as both a technology of survival and an evergreen source of wonder, pleasure, delight, and humanity.

An advocate for public art and artists, Gabriela serves as an arts commissioner for the City of Burien, on 4Culture’s arts advisory committee, and as creative nonfiction editor and managing editor of Crab Creek Review. Her creative practice is supported by 4Culture, Centrum, Civita Institute, Invoking the Pause, Jack Straw, Marble House, Mineral School, Seattle Public Library, Shunpike, Vermont Studio Center, and Willapa Bay AIR.

Artist Support Program 2023: Storefront and Sidewalk Poems

New Media Gallery 2014-2015: UGLY ME

2012 Writers Program


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