Foleada is a group of seasoned musicians based out of Seattle that play Brazilian Forró. Forró is the heartbeat of Northeast Brazil, it draws on many musical styles but two of the primary influences are Afro-Brazilian music like samba and baião and European music such as schottisches and polkas. Forró dance also borrows from Cuban salsa and Samba to create a simple partner dance.

A traditional Forró ensemble features accordion, triangle and drums.  Foleada is a sextet featuring two accordionists, Jamie Maschler and Gabe Hall-Rodrigues; two percussionists, Jeff Busch and Sam Esecson; Michael Catts on bass; and Brazilian vocalist Adriana Giordano.  All their members are active in the Seattle music scene and are veteran performers.

Foleada partners with @ForroinSeattle to host regular dance events for the Brazilian and Forró community. Our largest cultural event Festa Junina draws 400+ people.

Artist Support Program 2023: Recording their debut full-length album.