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Doug Nufer

Doug Nufer is a specialist in literary constraints, a technique that applies certain conditions to or establishes a pattern within writing. Doug is the author of Negativeland (Autonomedia), Never Again (Four Walls Eight Windows/ Black Square), and On the Roast (Chiasmus), all of which came out in 2004, and of The Mudflat Man/ The River Boys (soultheft records, 2006), and his stories and poems have appeared in magazines and literary journals. In this podcast, you’ll hear excerpts from his interview with 2007 Jack Straw Writers Program curator Matt Briggs and highlights from his live reading at the Jack Straw May Reading Series.

2007 Writers Program

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  • Doug Nufer - Portrait
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  • Doug Nufer - Portrait
    Reading Preview: Doug Nufer
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Reading Preview: Doug Nufer

May 10, 2007

Here’s a sliver of what you can expect at the first of three readings at Jack Straw Productions on May 17th. “I Still Love the Man I Killed,” a poem from Doug Nufer’s forthcoming collection of work, opens the podcast followed by an excerpt from his interview with Writers Program curator Matt Briggs. Doug Nufer […]

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