Danny Barksdale was raised in the Appalachian Mountain foothills in the northeast corner of Alabama.  After a rigorous 18-year-training in Sunday School at a small Southern Baptist church, he left home and earned a B.A. in literature from the University of Montevallo, which is located at the geographic center of Alabama. Subsequently, he left Alabama and earned a M.A. in literature from the University of New Hampshire. He currently teaches culinary arts at FareStart, a job training and placement program for homeless and disadvantaged individuals.

Artist Support Program 2018 (with Catalyst Kitchens of FareStart): Produce a podcast featuring conversations with experienced and successful culinary social entrepreneurs and change makers, committed to building a better world by providing people with a pathway out of poverty.

Artist Support Program 2013: Billy Barksdale: The History, a radio piece and album containing the original recordings and story of Billy Barksdale, told by the people who knew him and accompanied him as musicians.