Danielle Bero

Danielle Bero

Danielle Bero was born in Queens to hippie parents, given a dose of Shel Silverstein, Tupac, Jazz and classic rock.  Danielle is a Posse and Fulbright scholar, teacher and co-founded a school for students in foster-care. She received a master’s in English Education, Educational Leadership and completed her MFA at the University of San Francisco. She’s a Jack Straw Cultural Center Fellow and is published in New American Writing, Sinister Wisdom, Lavender Review, Quiet Lightning, Mad Woman in the Attic, Juked, and Divine Feminist and Aunt Flo Anthologies. Fruit Loops is Danielle’s debut as a screenwriter and director. Bero is a lifelong creative, traveler and educator, previously the principal of a public high school in Brooklyn, looking to bring short films, open mics and music/poetry to the forefront of everyday life.

2024 Jack Straw Alumni Poetry Series:

Schooled, Ghost City Press, 2021

The House You Grew Up in Gets Knocked Down For Condos

and even though I ended it
I still won’t wipe down the lingering blood stains
or maybe it was you that ended it
or perhaps a revolver of endings
in any case, I hope the splats wear until the orange matches the morning sky
I never thought I would see many morning skies without you rolling over and
smiling or drooling or eye rolling
just rolling
until it smooths out all the edges
as I wrinkle more each day

2018 Writers Program

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