Black and white photo of Daniel Gutierrez, standing at a lectern with a microphone.

Daniel Gutierrez

From the 1998 Jack Straw Writers Anthology: “I was born and raised in New York City and I moved out to Seattle thirteen years ago to attend the University of Washington, where I received an M.A. in English. My recent publication credits include The Madison Review, River City, Pearl, The Rockford Review, and The Cape Rock. Currently I am an associate poetry editor for The Seattle Review and have nearly completed a book of poetry entitled Dreams of a Landlocked Sailor. In it I explore people’s attempts to reconcile the conflicts that arise from their unquenchable desire for the unattainable prize. It is a world of unfulfilled expectations, unrequited lovers and creatures of nature trapped in a concrete jungle. However, it is also a world full of hope, since it is the hopeful that never give up. Even though satisfaction is always out of reach, I see beauty and redemption in the quest.”

1998 Writers Program