Constantin Parvulescu

Count Constantin

Count Constantin is a violinist, composer, bow maker and luthier.

The violin is the world’s most perfect amplifier. It can find ghosts from the past and receive signals from across the Cosmos. Count Constantin sees the strings of the violin as four mathematical lines, each of which contains an infinite number of points. As a violinist, he invents scales that don’t exist and tries for notes that aren’t there.

As a composer, and indeed, as a musician in general, he is interested in heterophony, polyphony, gapped scales and additive rhythms, but always, one hopes, in the service of the Music, and not the other way around.

Artist Support Program 2011: Record the original 5-movement string quartet Voronets Blue.

Dropped piano

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Sound Clips
  • Dropped piano
    Count Constantin - Ground Piauno