Clare Johnson

Clare Johnson is a writer and visual artist, published in Blithe House Quarterly, quiet Shorts, Frogmore Papers, 14 Magazine, Lumina, and Cranky. Solo exhibitions include Oxford’s North Wall, Bridport Arts Centre, Hugo House, Storefronts Seattle, and London’s Guy’s Hospital. She is a Michael S. Harper Poetry Prize recipient, and her ongoing Post-it Note Project (drawing a memory on a post-it each night) won a Seattle Magazine Best of 2011 for ‘Best New Take on the Memoir,’ also garnering a cover feature in Real Change. Recent honors include Artist Trust funding to expand her series of drawings inspired by favorite works of literature, and the publication of Roses, a book pairing her art with poems by Rainer Maria Rilke. Currently, she is designing interactive digital art backdrops for an upstate New York production of Our Town, and working on her book-length poetry and fiction project Will I live here when I grow up.

2015 Writers Program

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