A woman holding a microphone on stage and singing.

Christa Wells

Christa Wells has been a performer for many years. She has played electronic/DnB/Dubstep music with KJ SAWKA (Destroid, Pendulum, Impossible Records) and released several records featuring songs she wrote under that name. Christa has recorded music with The Afghan Whigs, Carrie Akre (Hammerbox, Goodness), The Long Winters, C-Leb and the Kettle Black, Trick Deck, & sung in Give (w/Rick and Chris Friel of Shadow), The Diamond Hand (w/ Shawn Smith of Brad, Pigeonhed and Satchel), Green Apple Quick Step (Ty Wilman, Mike Squires, Dana Turner, Geoff Redding). Provided backing vocals for Darrius Wilrich and performed live vocals (down tempo and House DJ sets) in clubs and lounges. She was a rotating player in Das Rut (a residency at The Scarlet Tree featuring Reggie Watts, Thaddeus Turner, Davis Martin & PK). Christa was the front person for Love Slap (a weekly live House night) that featured Kevin Sawka, Sean Horton (Decibel Festival), PK, Steve Scalfati.

Artist Support Program 2006: Record original songs with a band of well-known local musicians.