Black and white photo of Carol DePelecyn

Carol DePelecyn

Carol DePelecyn grew up in Racine, Wisconsin. She went on to Madison to receive a Bachelor of Science Degree in Dance and Environmental Psychology from the University of Wisconsin. As a dancer, she knew the importance of light in sculpting form and moved to New York City to pursue her Masters degree in Lighting Design.

As lighting assistant for Jules Fisher & Paul Marantz in New York City, she worked on large architectural projects including the Grand Central Terminal Renovation, the Seattle Art Museum and the National Gallery of London. She took her professional experience to Seattle where she founded her own firm in 1997.

Carol has received numerous awards for her lighting design and creativity including the Americans for the Arts Award, the International Illumination Award of Merit, and the Illuminating Engineering Society Award. She guest lectures in the Design Department at Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle.

Artist Support Program 2005: record environmental sound for a new King County public art installation.