Brenda Arellano is a performer and devisor based in Oakland after almost a decade in Chicago. She was a company member with the Chicago Neo-Futurists and she recently performed in their digital play 45 Plays for America’s First Ladies (which garnered a ’NY Times Critic’s Pick’). She was also a member of Playmaker’s Laboratory (formerly Barrel of Monkeys) and performed with Chicago Children’s Theater, The House Theater, and Teatro Vista, as well as the monthly live lit event, Paper Machete. In the Bay Area, she was a company member with the San Francisco Neo-Futurists, recently performing in their digital show, The World Wide Wrench. She has also been an actor for Berkeley Repertory Theater’s Ground Floor Summer Lab and Shotgun Theater. She has a bachelor of fine arts from Cornish College of the Arts in Seattle. She currently works as a hospital clown, and has been with Medical Clown Project for seven years. She likes to have a good time, a beautiful time, a ridiculous time, and a profound time.

Education Projects
Cover illustration for the Denny 2021 Anthology: The words El Año Cuando Cambió Todo, with 3 drawings of people wearing face masks over half their faces

El Año Cuando Cambió Todo: Poesía de Denny 2021 READ MORE >

Cover illustration for the Mercer 2021 Anthology: A drawing of two people holding hands with pages around them. Above: Mercer International Middle School; below: Los Poemas de nuestros corazones! Jack Straw Cultural Center

Los Poemas de Nuestros Corazones: Poesía de Mercer 2021 READ MORE >

Four online meeting frames showing Tai Shan, holding a guitar, working with students at Lowell.

Lowell Elementary Poetry & Song 2021 READ MORE >

Drawings from Concord 2nd graders: a kat and a dinosaur, a dog with hearts, a baseball and bat, and a green dragon

Concord International Elementary: Poetry and Song 2022 READ MORE >

Voces Locas: Poesía de Mercer 2022 READ MORE >

Illustration showing a globe inside a heart floating above an open hand, with flags behind and outlines of people above.

Tu Mundo, Nuestro Mundo: Poesía de Denny 2022 READ MORE >

Tomo Nakayama playing guitar in front of several students in a classroom.

Muchas Gracias, Poems! Lowell Elementary Poetry & Song 2022 READ MORE >

Todo es posible: Poesía de Chinook READ MORE >

Nuestras Historias Contadas: Poesía de Denny 2023 READ MORE >

A student wearing glasses and a baseball cap sits holding an ukulele, a microphone in front of him.

Blind Youth Audio Project 2023 READ MORE >