Composer/clarinetist/vocalist Beth Fleenor harbors a strong love for variety & all sonic manipulation, moving freely through genres such as rock, jazz, classical, contemporary chamber, Slavic & American folk, metal, musique concrete, ambient & pop. Her work has been heard internationally from 100,000 seat rock festivals, maximum-security prisons, and performance art in rural bars, to art galleries, bunkers, sidewalks, sacred spaces, and some of the most prestigious concert halls, museums, clubs and theaters in the country. Believing that “art is the discipline of being,” Fleenor uses sound to open the channels of communication between and within individuals and environments.

Artist Support Program 2013: Produce the 16-minute musical meditation SILT, performed by her blindfolded improvising group Workshop Ensemble.

Artist Support Program 2008: Produce Sweet Figeater Surprise, a collection of new compositions and structured improvisations with the group Figeater.


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Sound Clips
  • Workshop Ensemble - SILT (excerpt)
  • Figeater - Ichijuku
  • Beth Fleenor - Mother May I, Wave 1